"'Settle In, Decay' is the best introduction to their multifaceted, emo-by-way-of-everything-that's-not-emo sound."
- The Alternative

"Their songs shiver with the anxiety that comes with never feeling quite at home, but they also sparkle with the promise that home is always just around the corner."
- Consequence of Sound

Good Looking Friends is Zach Fischer, Sean Nolan, Adam Rossi, and Nick Kwas; augmented by cellist Maddie Bouissou and singers Lucille Amaurie and Celine Boudier as often as possible. The band has been playing in Brooklyn for the past 3 years, helping to cultivate safe spaces at venues all around the north east U.S. and Canada.

Their debut LP, Settle In, Decay, explores themes of resistance, distortion of memory, and Decay. rust, water-rot, fading memories like bad tattoos or flash websites. Gutted apartment buildings, unread books, and dirty shoes unworn for so long they smell like not-smell. Stale beer and hangovers from nothing. Paunch, rheumatic knuckles, first gray hairs clogging the drain and you don't know how to change the oil in your car. The record is part autobiography and part something not quite, blending genre conventions from post-punk, post-rock, indie rock, and alt folk to create something new.